Mon, Nov 2, 2015

The emperor of cigar chests

Thousands of hours of work, several international patents, 2,675 high-quality components and complex mechanics. The result is the most prestigious cigar chest in the world.

Imperiali Genève recently unveiled the exclusive Emperador cigar chest, available at the price of one million Swiss francs ($1.01 million).

The Emperador is much more than a luxury product; it is an experience for all five senses – available to a privileged few, as only 12 numbered pieces will be produced each year. Combined with a timepiece featuring a tourbillon, this unique object marries the age-old art of Swiss watchmaking with the skills of the best experts from 27 different trades.

Behind the Emperador is Imperiali Genève, a young company aspiring to reinvent existing objects by transcending the bounds of reason.

Produced in Switzerland, the chest measures 70 cm long, 45 cm wide and 30 cm high.


The prestigious chest is crowned by a tourbillon timepiece made up of 323 parts and a ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloché dial – the work of a master watchmaker from the Swiss Jura.

Meanwhile, access to the 24 exceptional Grand Cru cigars, which are wrapped in four gold leaves and arranged in individual glass tubes around this most sophisticated of creations, is protected by a personal secret code. The user simply brushes a finger over one of the nine touch buttons on the cover spelling the name ‘Imperiali’ to activate the integrated LCD display, which is invisible when the device is sleeping. The user then enters the code using the golden touch buttons.

The Emperador displays, in real time, the relative humidity and temperature inside the chest, the power reserve and the number of cigars remaining. Imperiali Genève has developed the world’s first self-regulating humidity system, which requires neither water nor human intervention. It guarantees a constant humidity level of 70 per cent and a temperature of 16 to 18 deg Celsius, regardless of external environmental conditions. These variables can also be easily adjusted according to the user’s wishes.

The moment of savouring a cigar is elevated by the Emperador’s three exceptional accessories - the cigar cutter; the table lighter and the ashtray.


Rich, complex and balanced, the Emperador cigar is the product of the fertile tobacco plantations of the Jamastran Valley (south Honduras) and the Jalapa Valley (north Nicaragua). After 48 months of ageing, the leaves are carefully processed with the utmost respect to create an exceptional Grand Cru.

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