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Antiques, Art & Culture, Aviation, Banking & Investment, Destinations, Interior Design, Investor Profiles, Luxury Products & Services, Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Motoring, Real Estate & Property, Jewellery, Timepieces, Yachting, Yachting.

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Editorial Contents & Calendar

Publication Schedule – 2019
Winter February
Spring/Summer May
Autumn October

Select Features

• Aircraft – Personal & Corporate
• Automotive and F1
• Luxury Choices
• Yachts & Charters
• Property

• Aviation – Luxury and Business, EBACE 2019
• Motoring
• Monaco Yacht Show 2019, Yachting
• Luxury Lifestyle
• Hotels & Resorts

• Business Aviation, Dubai Airshow 2019,MEBAA 2019
• Luxury Cars
• Luxury Fashion, Jewellery Arabia
• Yachts and Yacht Charters
• Real Estate

Geographical Breakdown

Circulation figures based on 2016-2016 average of four issues
Saudi Arabia2,480
Europe / Americas416
Rest of World155
Institutions 1,200
Promotional Copies700

Mechanical Data

Bleed Allow 5 mm on each edge on all sides.
Digital Artwork Please supply digital artworks in Adobe Acrobat PDF high resolution, CMYK with fonts converted to outlines, and all file information outside of the bleed area.
Copy To reach publisher’s office 30 days prior to cover date
Cancellation 30 days prior to cover date.
Advertising material 15 days prior to cover date.

Full page (trim size) 297 x 220 mm
Full page: (type area) 265 x 190 mm
Double page spread (trim size) 297 x 440 mm
Double page spread (type area) 265 x 412 mm
Half page horizontal 130 x 190 mm
Half page vertical 265 x 92 mm

Please note: For inside front cover allow 10 mm loss on right edge, and for page one and inside back cover allow 10 mm loss on left hand edge, due to glueing of cover.

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