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Al Hilal Group

Al Hilal Group was established in 1978 and today is one of the Middle East’s leading publishing and marketing organisations.

The company’s media portfolio touches on virtually every sector of the market with each publication or web portal standing out as the market leader in its field.

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual publications are produced with the emphasis on authoritative information and quality production.

The Group also incorporates other activities including corporate communications, conferences and exhibitions, computers and property leasing.

Arabian Knight

The success of Arabian Knight, the quarterly magazine for the Arab world’s elite, has been built upon solid foundations since the publication was launched in the late 1990s. This unique publication has attracted the loyal interest of our discerning readers and the continuing support of a select group of advertisers. Arabian Knight, with its amalgam of exclusive interviews, special features and reports, highlights a wide range of influential personalities, from business to culture, who have achieved success and contributed to the economic and social developments shaping the Arab world.

Arabian Knight is circulated by hand and delivered by courier to the business and political leaders of the Arab world. These are the individuals who by definition shape the destiny of the Middle East through their influence and wealth.

The Arabian Knight will be a King, Prince, Sheikh, Minister, Chairman or CEO. He may be a technocrat, academic, philosopher or philanthropist who has achieved the highest level of success in his chosen field. His sophisticated tastes and highly discerning interest in the very best products and services available is respected by the magazine’s rich and varied content, which is always illustrated with stunning photography.

A minimum quantity of 6,000 copies of each edition are printed and delivered by hand, with the balance distributed individually by selected organisations to their own premium clients.

The net worth of the individual Arabian Knight is impossible to quantify, however our own conservative estimates are that Arabian Knight magazine reaches individuals whose combined net worth exceeds US$250 billion.

In view of the high retention value or long shelf life of each edition, our readership estimate is in excess of 50,000 for each quarterly issue.

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