Sun, Mar 25, 2018

Fashion week in Dubai from April 26

Preparations are under way for the International Dubai Fashion Week (iDFW) 2018, the most important event of its kind in the Gulf region, to be held next month.

The International Dubai Fashion Week will be held from April 26 to 28 with a new and innovative identity, at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai.

It will include many inspiring and innovative events and ideas, highlighting the latest regional and local fashion trends, said organisers.

The list of exhibitors has been expanded, and an accompanying exhibition has been arranged, in addition to contracts with a team of renowned designers, and expert houses who wish to participate strongly in this event, they said.

Sheikha Hend Bint Faisal Al Qassemi, Chairman of the Advisory Board and board member of the Dubai Fashion and Design College, and owner of Velvet HQ- the organiser of iDEW, said a new date has been set for the event to fit with the international fashion shows calendar.

The organising body has entered into new international contracts with famous designers and major international fashion houses, which called for the amendment of the date, she said.

Sheikha Hend pointed out that Dubai has become a regional lighthouse for innovation and design thanks to its government's keenness to launch initiatives that support progress in the design industry and stimulate innovation.

Specialised studies expect an annual growth of 6 per cent in the design industry in the Middle East over the next five years with a demand for 30,000 design graduates in the region.

Sheikha Hend added: “We aim to put Dubai Fashion Week on the list of the world's largest fashion events as well as on par with events held in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Our aim is also to make it a regular event on the calendar of all fashion creators.

“The Dubai Fashion Week 2018 will have the participation of the biggest and most famous designers from the region as well as designers from Europe, North America and South America,” she added.

International fashion designer Waleed Attallah affirmed that the International Dubai Fashion Week will ensure a significant leap forward for the regional fashion industry.

He added: "The fashion and design sector within the UAE & GCC countries is considered one of the most vital, in size and quality. Based on the strong demand for the latest global fashion trends, and high purchasing power, the world's leading companies are competing to open their stores in the region's most vibrant markets."

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