Thu, Aug 6, 2020

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Uniquely crafted luxury eyewear

Parisian eyewear designer Ateliers Baudin has taken optical frame making to a luxurious level. Located in the prestigious Honore Area of Paris, the specialty eyeglasses maker crafts precious materials with opulent gems in one-of-a-kind eyewear.

All Ateliers Baudin eyewear is handmade in Paris in its shop. The philosophy is “Each frame is unique’, says Guillaume Clerc, owner of Ateliers Baudin, Paris, in an exclusive interview with Breck Graham.

Excerpts from the interview:

How do your clients get the perfect pair of frames in your atelier?

First, all is based on my experience. I look at their facial shape, ask questions about lifestyle, job, where do they live, a particular preference. Would the wearer like frames that are discreet; or perhaps they want something striking. After this conversation, I begin to make a plan on the type of frames that would fit.

What is bespoke eyewear design?

Distinctive! It is about the right shape, and also the perfect colour and material for the face. After the initial measurements, we make a prototype for the client to have an idea of what his final glasses will look like at the end. For customers who order expensive and rare shell or horn materials, this is an important part of the process. A normal crafted order takes 5 weeks from  beginning to end.

What is the most expensive eye wear material?

Blond turtle shell. It’s beautiful; it is a rare, but legal, material today. To make a frame it takes 3 months, because we need 40 to 50 small pieces of the shell, depending on the size of the frame. The average price for one pair is between €35,000 and €45,000.

Have you had special orders?

Yes, all the time. Recently, we had a commission from New York. A client wanted frames with his wife's name encrusted in diamonds. The glasses were delivered to him at a cost of $65,000!

Essentially, no detail is too large or too small. If we are asked to use a precious gemstone on the hinges, we can do it.

Is there a preferred eyewear from this store?

All Ateliers Baudin eyewear is handmade in Paris in our shop. The philosophy is “Each frame is unique”. Your frames are fashioned for your look. What makes each frame distinctive are reflective frames. The arms shine in light. But the Blonde Turtle Shell exemplify our luxury frames; they have an elemental elegance and gloss as no other.

How do high-end clients reach you in Paris?

We get referrals from around the world within select circles. Customers include royalty, politicians, and CEOs. Our reputation has been built by word of mouth from satisfied clients because of the craftmanship and service.

Secondly, the location is an advantage, we are near the Elysee Palace and other government offices. The Bristol Hotel is around the corner. But ultimately customers come to us and return because they have something very special.

How can Middle Eastern clients who travel to Paris book appointments?

It’s easy. We are available for hotel appointments any time. If there is a need, the shop can open only for a VIP. Of course, there is a trunk service. We can come to the client wherever he or she is located.

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