Spring/Summer 2022

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Legendary Tale Told in a Timepiece

Roger Dubuis’ perpetual quest to challenge the rules of the game and represent the future of hyper horology has taken to new heights with the latest evolution of the iconic Knights of the Round Table collection.

Setting a new standard, the timepiece is adorned with rare artistic mastery, outstanding craftsmanship and unbridled creativity. Infused with the legacy of a legend, yet designed with the future in mind, it is a powerful statement for the here and now.

Bringing a legend to life in the most exciting way yet, 12 hour-marked knights cast in 18k 750/1000 pink gold are designed to appear in flux in their own unique postures. This is the true feat of hyper-expressive craftsmanship that took a year and a half to master, says the maison.

Through the complex art of micro-sculpture, each character is complete with medieval armour, plates, shield and helmet, while their customised weapons are drawn ready to fight whatever bursts from beneath their feet. Here lies the stage that required the manual hand-assembly of each and every piece of the glass puzzle. With fine detailing as intricate as this, Roger Dubuis all but proves its métiers d’art credentials.

Symbolising an imagined scene where the knights prepare to defend themselves from imminent danger, each warrior is settled against a transparent blood red flange developed from precious Murano glass. This artisanal rarity is also used to construct the dark and shiny texture of the black dial. Part of the great Venetian tradition, Murano glass bends light in uniquely modern and interesting ways.

Powered by an automatic Monobalancier RD821 calibre, its new contemporary finish and design includes a clean-cut case made from a rich and remarkable 18k 750/1000 pink gold.

On the back of the case, the oscillating weight is completely redesigned with a circular finish comprising two woven layers of tilted pyramid shapes that create the appearance of castle-stained glass.

Only a few have the honour of wearing a Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table timepiece with a limited series of 28 pieces available.  

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