Mon, Jan 19, 2015

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Key to exclusivity

If you own a Mercedes-Benz then your standard car key just won’t do, says Selected Jewels, a German jewelry specialist.

Instead, why not opt for a bejewelled key which adds a touch of exclusivity to your fine car, asks Rene Martin, the firm’s founder, who is hopeful that his innovative masterpieces will find favour in the Gulf.

The handcrafted Mercedes Benz Golden Key is made out of solid gold, inset with 300 cut diamonds totalling 3.14 carats.

The keys are also offered in traditional Arabic themes that include engravings of a falcon, and ones that pay tribute to Saudi Arbaia and Qatar.

They can be made in rose, white and yellow gold or even platinum, with brilliant high-class gemstones and be personally engraved, making each key unique.

The concept is to create harmony between a bespoke key and the luxurious car, he explains. In this way, the personality and individual style of each car owner can be accentuated.

Just like the fit-out of the car can be finessed by the choice of the highest quality wood and other materials, the key can also now be crafted to the desires of the owner, he adds.

The price of the 18-karat white gold key set with 300 diamonds (3.14 carats) is around €40,800 ($47,185), with the platinum version and keys with loup clean diamonds costing more.

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