Sun, Dec 28, 2014

Rolls-Royce Waterspeed glides into Bahrain

A very special Rolls-Royce from a bespoke collection has arrived in Bahrain.

The bespoke Rolls-Royce Waterspeed Phantom Drophead Coupé is one of just 35 produced in the world by the British luxury carmaker. 

The collection celebrates the historic act of daring and endeavour of Sir Malcom Campbell, an English racing motorist and motoring journalist, who broke the water speed record over 70 years ago. 

The Waterspeed Collection pays homage to this achievement, which not only captured the world’s attention but also reaffirmed the Rolls-Royce R-Type engines’ superiority after triumphs on land and in the air. 

On September 1, 1937, Sir Campbell headed out onto the calm blue waters of Lake Maggiore on the Swiss-Italian frontier to set the world water speed record of 126.32 mph in a Rolls-Royce-powered Bluebird K3 hydroplane boat. 

Commenting on the Waterspeed Collection, Paul Yates, General Manager of Euro Motors, says: “The Waterspeed has been eagerly awaited by our discerning clientele. The limited collection displays the pinnacle of bespoke artistry provided by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars marque and is a perfect match for our customers seeking ultra-luxury automotive excellence. The vehicle has exceeded expectations, beautifully combining automotive innovation with the ultimate craftsmanship, for an unmistakable, timeless masterpiece.”

The collection was launched in May at the Concorso D’Elegenza at Villa D’Este, on the shores of Lake Como, one of Italy’s famous lakes and directly adjacent to Lake Maggiore where Campbell set his record.

Showcasing the very best of the Rolls-Royce bespoke programme, the collection features a number of exquisitely designed and crafted personalised features. Taking inspiration from Sir Campbell’s record-breaking watercraft, only the finest contemporary materials furnish the Waterspeed Collection.

Taking further creativity from the setting of the historic moment, the Phantom Drophead Coupé’s brushed steel perfectly complements an exclusively developed Maggiore Blue colour scheme. Hand-crafted wood inlays further reinforce this outstanding heritage as it evokes the sense of a boat effortlessly gliding through water at pace. 

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