Wed, Aug 9, 2017

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Thomas Mercer to launch glass chronometers

Thomas Mercer and Czech glass artist Jan Frydrych will be collaborating on the creation of a new and exclusive range of marine and table chronometers.

Regarded as a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci – his diverse interests include mathematics, sculpture, design and horology - Frydrych is a Czech artist renowned for spectacular sculptures from optical glass. 

Perpetuating the glass-making tradition of his native Bohemia, he is representative of a special art category – high-tech art glass – and his magnificent works are displayed in legendary venues such the Guggenheim and Victoria & Albert museum. 

His complex techniques combine basic geometric forms such as spheres, cylinders, cubes, cones with metal microlayers and colourful glass sheets – royal blue being his signature colour – to create illusory inner architectural spaces and the ‘fourth dimension’ effect.

Established in London 1858, Thomas Mercer is a name forever synonymous with the marine chronometer, the instrument invented in the 18th century to determine longitude at sea. 

With a dashing heritage that includes the chronometers equipping the Royal Yacht Britannia as well as those used by Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Francis Chichester during their legendary feats of sailing, today the company proudly upholds the tradition of British clock-making by manufacturing fine chronometers that grace the interiors of the world’s most exclusive yachts and residences.

This truly unique collaboration will give birth to an exclusive range of marine chronometers, where the talent and the art of Jan Frydrych will amplify the beauty of the Thomas Mercer mechanisms in an exhilarating fusion between glass art and precision horology.

“As a clock collector I have always been fascinated by marine chronometers as the finest expression both of horology and of the invention that solved one of the greatest challenges of mankind: calculating longitude at sea. It is thus a great pleasure to collaborate with Thomas Mercer, the leading name in the field and still manufacturing these timepieces the same way they were made two centuries ago. I am sure the reflecting techniques of my works will further enhance the unique specifications of their mechanisms such as chain-fusee drive and spring detent escapement,” says Frydrych.

Thomas Mercer CEO Alessandro Quintavalle says: “It is truly a privilege for Thomas Mercer to collaborate with a world-class artist such as Frydrych. His creative talent and his sophisticated techniques will open a further dimension to our timekeepers, elevating them to the universe of art pieces and presenting chronometry in a revolutionary way”.

The first timekeeper of this extraordinary collection will be unveiled during the Monaco Yacht Show and displayed at the booth of Crystal Caviar, an art gallery owning the biggest collection of glass sculptures in Europe and also a leading name in the manufacture of bespoke chandeliers, decorative glass and crystal furniture for the interiors of the finest yachts, jets and residences worldwide.

“As purveyors of top-end luxury our chandeliers and sculptures render the most exquisite interiors even more beautiful: with this exciting collaboration the very best in glass making and marine horology will fuse to create objets d’art that will be much anticipated by the most discerning yacht Owners,” adds Crystal Caviar’s founder and managing directory Marek Landa.

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