Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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Excalibur blazes a new trail in blue

Roger Dubuis is forever inspired by the exhilarating supercar designs of Lamborghini Squadra Corse and motivated by this long-lasting collaboration, and driving its own watchmaking prowess into new frontiers, the maison has presented the Excalibur Spider Huracán Sterrato MB - unveiled in a striking blue version this year.

This expressive timepiece is injected with a bold new colourway and follows last year’s thrilling release of the same name. The 2022 version was crafted in electrifying orange - and introduced an innovative blend of advanced mechanics, hyper-tech materials, and adrenaline-charged aesthetics. It was the ultimate intersection between Roger Dubuis’ renowned Hyper Horology and the fearless Sterrato engineering.

Now, for the second time, the gravel is set to spin, as this inspired watch design changes course to offer a sensational new variation.

All-powerful calibre

If we think of the RD630 Calibre like an engine, then it certainly ignites every emotion. Not only a work of aesthetic art, with 60 hours of power reserve, this Monobalancier also delivers all the supreme precision and smooth functioning that Roger Dubuis is known for.

The movement embraces the iconic shape of hexagonal air intakes, making a smooth transition between timepiece and car. Also note the twin barrels between 5 and 7 o’clock, a signature feature of the Maison’s Huracán watches, and one that pays tribute to the vehicle’s multi-fuel tanks.

Aligned in symmetry to this feature is the tilted balance wheel at 12 o’clock – a flipped position that mirrors the rev counter view on a Sterrato dashboard. Since 2013, the Maison’s watchmakers have been skilfully playing in a three-dimensional realm, finding new and improved inclines for their sprung balances and flying tourbillons. The balance wheel of the RD630 is positioned on a 12° angle. This innovative adjustment compensates for the natural position of a wearer’s wrist when they place it on a table, meaning the balance wheel itself remains in a horizontal and more favourable position. It’s a simple yet effective inclination that goes a long way to increasing performance, without needing to change the watch’s proportions. It also happens to be very pleasing on the eye – as Roger Dubuis has turned the component around so that the wearer can fully marvel at the spiral oscillations at the heart of the timepiece.

For the date window, Roger Dubuis has taken another unexpected route. When viewed from the back, the date-disc shows an indecipherable series of symbols. From the front, however, the disc rotates in front of a coloured decoder, revealing the digits in their clearest form.

For one final surprise, the impressive caseback delivers a 360° oscillating weight that is directly inspired by the Huracán’s wheel rims. When in motion, it produces the same whirlwind speed effect that you might expect to see on a raw off-road surface.

Innovation driven by style

With the enthralling Excalibur Spider Huracán Sterrato MB, Roger Dubuis also blazes its own intrepid path in style, giving one a sense of unstoppable adventure.

For comfort and performance, the 45 mm case is engineered from Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Carbon - a composite material that is nine times lighter than gold - and with a robust nature that offers a high ratio of scratch-resistance to lightness. The case is then topped by a Titanium black DLC bezel, which has received a thicker construction on six key minute markers, symbolizing the hardy fender protectors that provide advanced security on the car. With this combined use of SMC Carbon and Titanium black DLC, the watch is both light and resistant, so that just like a supercar, it can safely endure the most adventurous journeys of daily life.

At the sides of the case, blue rubber strips have been added in tribute to the supercar’s distinctive spoiler, while the bolt-shaped crown is inspired by the Huracán’s racing nuts. Another unusual twist that makes this timepiece stand out.

The two sharp bars on the dial, that reach from 12 o’clock to 5 and 7 o’clock, are a nod to the roof racks that come equipped on the vehicle. This addition prepares the Huracán Sterrato for any expedition. For Roger Dubuis, it was essential to integrate this “go-anywhere” attitude into the watch too.

The caseback of the Excalibur Huracán Sterrato logo is black-stamped across the sapphire crystal, reaffirming the solid partnership between Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse that began in 2017.

Around the wrist, a blend of blue shades make up the rubber strap’s camouflage pattern. The motif is a salute to the rugged spirit that defines this watch and has been crafted using an ingenious process called Combined Vulcanisation. Taking 30% longer to create than a regular strap, this special technology utilises numerous coloured plates, which are vulcanised together, resulting in a look that is completely seamless.

Sold with a custom-made gift

This blue edition of the Excalibur Spider Huracán Sterrato MB is limited to just 28 pieces, making it a rare collectible for the most serious fans. The first five customers who purchase the timepiece online through Roger Dubuis will receive it alongside a custom-made, hand-painted helmet that mirrors the look of the watch. It is an extra keepsake that will forever inspire experiences beyond the well-travelled road.

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