Wed, Aug 16, 2023

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Breitling opens largest boutique in Middle East

Breitling Middle East has opened its second boutique in Riyadh, which is now its largest boutique in the Middle East.

Located on the ground floor at Panorama Mall, the 245 sq m boutique is the latest retail space to feature the brand’s unique design concept: a contemporary urban interpretation of an industrial loft in a dynamic city.

At the centre of the new boutique is an eye-catching yellow grid panel stamped with a Breitling ‘B’. Wall-mounted propellers and surfboards, as well as unique artifacts guide visitors to explore the boutique’s Air, Sea and Land watches.

Breitling’s modern-retro design values are brought to life through vintage decor and artwork, streamlined with contemporary design elements. This unique mid-20th Century loft impression is visible to passers-by through a glass store fascia, ensuring that customers feel immersed in the relaxed ambience before they have even entered. Guests can experience our first-ever sea lounge, which offers a relaxing, by-the-beach vibe with plants and rattan furniture. The Breitling Watch Bar and its leather bar stools provide the perfect location to try on watches.

Breitling Middle East Managing Director Aed Adwan said: “We are thrilled to be expanding the full Breitling experience to our customers in Riyadh. This expansion falls in line with our efforts to grow our business in Saudi Arabia, which is a key market for us, with additional boutiques to open in the near future.

"We are delighted to build on our partnership with Breitling and expand the retail footprint with the opening of the largest Breitling boutique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the region. The boutique will cater to audiences in Riyadh who are passionate about horology,” said Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hussaini, CEO of Al-Hussaini Trading Co.

Approachability and inclusiveness are two key drivers of Breitling’s unique boutique design concept. Evoking the sensation of a contemporary urban home allows customers to feel completely at ease and relaxed while exploring Breitling’s entire range. The extensive collection includes Breitling’s core offerings as well as the latest launches in Premier, Top Time and Classic Avi, said the company.

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