Sun, Jan 8, 2017

New French restaurant to open in Dubai

Dubai-based gourmet caterer Chez Charles is to open its first brasserie in the city this spring.

Located in prestigious Dubai Design District, the restaurant will channel the brand’s traditional wholesome French cuisine in the beautifully designed 5,400-sq-ft space.

Chez Charles Restaurant will offer an extensive gourmet dining experience through its contemporary French Sans Frontières cuisine, a modern French concept with influences from each chef’s international culinary journey.  

Presenting a diverse menu offering both lighter dishes as well as rich and indulgent French favorites perfectly paired with a notable selection of wines and handcrafted cocktails.  Chez Charles has built its success on using only the finest selection of ingredients flown in regularly for their much demanded catering business.

Designed by AAC interiors, the brassiere’s chic décor emulates an air of simple sophistication and elegance utilizing fresh and subtle provinciale tones all brought together by a striking custom-built chandelier at its heart. 

The restaurant features an indoor bar and dining area, an outdoor lounge area as well as an exclusive, private outdoor dining area. The jewel of the restaurant is the extensive kitchen which is set behind a clear glass stage for all diners to see the meticulous preparation of each dish by their Michelin Star winning chefs.

“With a growing demand and loyalty for Chez Charles in the UAE, we felt that it was the right time to extend into a permanent location, hence the birth of Chez Charles Restaurant.  Through this contemporary style brasserie strategically housed in the prestigious Dubai Design District, we will be able to offer the Chez Charles’ dining experience to a wider audience,” explains founder and CEO Charles Boghos. “Chez Charles is all about quality across the board. We always begin with the ingredients, the freshness and seasonality of our produce, and build the menu accordingly.  Based on this philosophy we always have a delectable menu using the most in-season fresh produce with new dishes constantly being added.”

With fresh products and premium ingredients carefully handpicked from all over the globe, Chez Charles promises the richest flavors. Michelin Star Chef Jeremy Degras, Chez Charles Group Executive Chef will be at the helm overseeing each and every detail in the restaurant and its menu.

“Because we have been defined by our cuisine since the inception of the brand, we wanted to create a restaurant environment which embodies our desire to produce gastronomical dishes rooted in traditional French cuisine using modern cooking techniques, which are conceptualised by the produce and the ingredients – this is where the core of Chez Charles lies,” he explains.

The Chez Charles ethos is rooted in a passion for quality that stems across all aspects of the brand and the restaurant will be a yet another extension of the quality and culinary ingenuity traditionally demonstrated through the catering services, he adds.

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