Wed, Sep 7, 2022

Amouage to develop frankincense heritage site

Amouage, an Oman-based high perfumery house renowned for creating some of the most finely crafted perfumes in the world, has signed a partnership with Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Tourism for the development of Wadi Dawkah in the Southern Governate of Dhofar.

Spread across 5km, the Unesco World Heritage site is home to hundreds of frankincense trees which, having flourished in the region for centuries, represent one of Oman's most precious natural treasures.

The agreement was signed by Eng Ibrahim Said Al Kharusi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism for Heritage Affairs, and Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al Busaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amouage.

As its new patrons, Amouage seeks to protect, restore, and expand this ancient cradle of the valuable resin, which is a key ingredient in Amouage fragrances. The acquisition represents a major milestone in the sustainable development of Boswellia Sacra, the mythical Omani frankincense tree. Featuring a visitors' centre, it will serve as a hub for education and tourism, while also demonstrating environmental consciousness in its construction, energy usage and sourcing, all in line with Amouage's sustainability strategy and in compliance with the Unesco World Heritage Site guidelines.

As its faithful caretakers, Wadi Dawkah will strengthen Amouage's ties to Oman and carry its values, traditions, and majesty further.

"Thanks to this exceptional arrangement, this is an opportunity to create a compelling tourism and cultural destination and drive the international promotion of the unique treasures of the Dhofar region. For Amouage, respecting nature means protecting the ecosystems that have gifted us, and by doing so we ensure that generations to come can continue to enjoy and experience the beauty of our fragrances," said Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al Busaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amouage.

"Today we celebrate this remarkable milestone, Amouage becomes a guardian of this profound organic frankincense land of outstanding universal value that will contribute to our fragrances. This project will focus on conscious regeneration and make Wadi Dawkah a centre of gravity for Oman's frankincense sustainable development," said Marco Parsiegla, CEO of Amouage.

This estate will bring the best of Amouage know-how in Haute Perfumery to the entire world. Wadi Dawkah represents Amouage's second fully managed site after its Manufacture in Muscat, which remains its base for production and manufacturing. By taking management of the land, Amouage will now be able to integrate every aspect of perfume-making savoir-faire including harvesting, distillation, blending, aging, and manufacturing, the company said.

With its new sustainability strategy, Amouage is poised to set out an ambitious plan that includes protecting and restoring nature in Oman, minimizing waste, reducing its carbon footprint, and expanding support for farming communities, it said. - TradeArabia News Service

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