Autumn 2022

Lab-grown and Sparkling Bright

Evermore, the region’s only vertically-integrated lab-grown diamond brand, has opened its flagship boutique in the new Deira gold souk extension in Dubai.

A joint venture between well-known UAE-based jewellery brand Siroya and New York-based ALTR created diamonds, a world leader in high quality lab grown diamonds, Evermore promises diamonds twice as big for a lot lower price – bigger size and more sparkle than customers ever expected.

The 750-sq-ft Evermore boutique is designed to tell the ‘lab grown diamond’ story in the most comprehensive way with more than 200 pieces of jewellery on display. From the timeless and classic Eternal Happiness collection that is certain to resonate with the bride-to-be to Halo for a Queen that showcases the brand’s design prowess and The Red Carpet that screams Hollywood glam, with each collection, Evermore dares to be different.

Evermore diamonds are engineered from just carbon, mimicking the process of diamond creation that takes place under the earth, making them chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds. Made to order, these stones also have a pristine purity about them and are classified type 2, purer than 98% of the world’s diamond supply – like the rarest jewels in the world such as the Kohinoor and the Millennium Star.

Consequently, they are better for the environment and enjoy a low carbon footprint, says the company. 

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