Autumn 2022

Creating Your Own Scent

Who wouldn't love to create their own signature scent? The name of the game is experimenting with fragrance layering when trying to find that perfect personal perfume.

However, some expert tips will make your journey easier, says Swiss Arabian,  UAE’s leading perfume manufacturer.

Whether you prefer floral and fruity perfumes or love the woody, intense and aromatic fragrances, Swiss Arabian encourages users to experiment and find their perfect scent by applying one perfume over another.

Fragrance layering is the process of mixing two or more different scents to create an entirely new smell. While wearing more than one perfume may seem a bit excessive, when done correctly it is a genius hack to achieve your own bespoke scent. Mastering the art of layering comes through much trial and error, and by getting creative.

Swiss Arabian’s guide to ace the art of layering in style include the following:

• Heavy to lighter notes: While there are no specific rules, a good first step is to start with the heaviest scent you like and use a lighter scent over it so that it isn’t overpowering.

• Use moisturiser: Layering is best started soon after you apply your moisturiser. A good moisturiser will hold the fragrance to your skin and help it last longer, especially if you do it right after a shower.

• Choose similar families: One of the easiest hacks to creating a bespoke single-base perfume is by sticking to perfumes from similar families such as woody, floral, oriental, citrus, etc. 

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