Autumn 2022

Chopard Says it in Arabic

Chopard’s emblematic Happy Diamonds – Happy Me jewellery collection has welcomed a new series of Arabic letters in a tribute to one of the richest  languages in history.

The capsule collection presents now a rose gold medium size pendant with 15 letters of the Arabic alphabet including four new letters, combining with dancing diamonds.

The Happy Diamonds – Happy Me jewels conjure up an entire lyrical repertoire embodying a resolutely Chopard look.

Since their 1976 invention at the heart of Chopard’s workshops, dancing diamonds have been flaunting their charisma across the world. Immediately adopted by women, these diamonds, housed between two sapphire crystals in a fine gold spinning top, distil their Joie de Vivre in a whirlwind of light.

The vision of a waterfall and its exquisite cascading beauty inspired the maison’s designer to release diamonds from their settings in order to ensure they sparkle at their brightest. Free, airy and bathed in light, the aptly-named ‘Happy Diamonds’ have since earned their reputation through daring, internationally celebrated watch and jewellery collections. 

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