Thu, Feb 3, 2022

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Opera Gallery Dubai brings back 'Masters' show

Opera Gallery Dubai has unveiled its latest Masters show titled ‘Abstraction: A Visual Reality’ with a curated selection of abstract artworks covering the 20th century.

The show, from March 8 to 31, will highlight the various defining movements such as surrealism, the New York school of abstract expressionism, the European school of abstraction, arte pobra, and lyrical abstraction to name a few.

"While 'Masters' shows have been a staple of Opera Gallery Dubai’s agenda, the last one dates back to 2018. However, with turbulent times behind us, we felt that 2022 was the right time to resume our offering of Modern masters in the region. This time, we have decided to explore one of the leading movements of the 20th century, abstract art," explains Sylvain P Gaillard, Director of Opera Gallery Dubai.

The gallery will be displaying paintings and sculptures, taking viewers and collectors throughout a journey of one of the defining art movements in recent history, spanning over a century.

Iconic artworks from the following painters will be on display: Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages, who opened the displays of the gallery in 2022, Alexander Calder, Yves Klein, Joan Miro, Hermann Nitsch, George Mathieu, Antoni Tapies, Kazuo Shiraga, Teh-Chu Chun, Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Xiao-Min Feng, Victor Vasarely, Sam Francis and Turi Simeti to name a few.

Most notably, the selection of artworks will feature a poetic canvas from Sam Francis, executed in the later part of his career. While works of paper are more common, the large canvas “Untitled, 1987” is a sight to behold.

A gorgeous work from Italian master Lucio Fontana will introduce viewer to his lesser-known style. “Concetto Spaziale” is an elegant work, featuring holes, rather than the proverbial “cuts” people associate Fontana with.

A recent canvas from often misunderstood but always revered French artist Pierre Soulages will also be presented. 'Peinture, 11 Mars 2016' is a very typical 'outre noir' painting from Soulages, executed with a focus on repetitive texture throughout a 'domestic size' canvas.

The exhibition will also depict the sculpture masterpieces from Yves Klein, Philippe Hiquily and Joana Vasconcelos.

Founded in 1994 with exhibition spaces in Singapore and Paris by French art dealer Gilles Dyan, Opera Gallery Group today has 12 galleries worldwide with additional locations in London, Geneva, Monaco, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, Beirut, Miami, New York and most recently in Aspen.

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