Spring/Summer 2019

Mughal Grandeur

Silsal, a creative homeware brand, has launched its Majestic Collection – heavily inspired by both the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and India’s Mughal era.

The collection draws upon the Mughals’ rich artistic heritage, channeling the charm of a bygone age into the modern home.

Merging Islamic art with Indian influences, the Mughal era is renowned for its extraordinary decorative art, often featuring motifs of flowers and plants in a distinctive, abstract style. Salvaging these patterns from the chest of history, Silsal has reinvented them for the Majestic Collection.

“It’s the little design subtleties that bring a smile to your face and make that morning coffee cup or dinner plate exceptional. This is something that Silsal Design House knows all too well,” says Samar Habayeb, the founder and CEO of Silsal Design House.

Vibrant motifs of fantastical flora and exotic foliage, all hand-lined in 22-carat gold, appear throughout the Majestic Collection, which spans tableware, serveware and decorative objects.  

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