Spring/Summer 2024

Patricia Gucci focuses on subdued luxury

Patricia Gucci's label Aviteur hearken back to an era of high-end exclusivity for clients who cherised first class quality. 


As a scion of a fashion royalty, Patricia's grandfather Guccio Gucci founded the Italian luxury brand Gucci in 1921.  Her father Aldo, ran the firm from 1953 until 1986.  The London born entrepreneur decided to found her label dedicated to superb craftmanship in 2019. Patricia's bags and accessories are a statement for buyers who understand stylish living and travel.


Here’s an Arabian Knight exclusive interview with Patricia Gucci by Breck Graham:


Your surname, Gucci, is synonymous with sumptuousness, Italian prestige, the absolute best money can buy. When you decided to start this new brand, Aviteur, did you have trepidations concerning living up to such a standard? Was there concern on how high-end buyers would react to the brand and pieces?

Everything started with our Carry-on, and the desire to create something that stood out from the crowd, something exceptional. I grew up in the Gucci heydays of 1970s and ‘80’s when it was still a family business, and the products were of the highest quality imaginable. My father would take me to the factory in Scandicci on the outskirts of Florence and I remember row after row of artisans at work in their white smocks. The attention to detail, the smell of the leather – it made a big impression on me. With Aviteur, my aim was to recapture that same standard with collectibles to be enjoyed for a lifetime and handed down to the next generation.

Quiet luxury has returned, what is the lure of Aviteur over other monogrammed leathered travel baggage?

When we launched in 2019, we were instantly recognised for our craftsmanship, distinctive woven leather, innovative materials such as Lucite and aviation-grade aluminum, and discreet inside-out branding. These alluring qualities were in sharp contrast to the pervasive logomania at the time, so you could say we were a precursor to the more subdued trend we’re seeing now.

There are many innovative technical features incorporated in this Carry-on, the most striking is the translucent polycarbonate button-less handle, a work of art. Why did you decide to use this particular material as a DNA statement?

The idea behind the Carry-on was to recall the rattan luggage from a bygone era and the effortless style of the 1960s – the golden age of travel. For it to be a luxurious product, the handle had to be special. I’ve always loved the look and feel of Lucite, so we set about designing a transparent handle with our very own (patented) buttonless mechanism, emerging from an artisanal leather case like a shaft of light. It was the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

How did you develop the Carry-on wheels for smooth movement?

The “silent wheels” on our Carry-ons contain an air chamber that eliminates the noise caused by rolling luggage across bumpy surfaces, taking the notion of quiet luxury one step further. They were developed by a partnering firm following a ban on cacophonous trolleys by the Mayor of Venice.

The inspiration for your luxury design came from an icon of London Public Transportation, true? Is there a bit of irony in this?

One day my partner Gregory and I were stuck in traffic on Piccadilly Circus, talking to our factory in Italy over the phone about the design of our Carry-on. As we searched for the words to convey the shape of the corners, which were not simply rounded but also had a slope to them, we remarked on the contours of the iconic double-decker bus right in front of us and thought, there it is!

After the success in the travel-ware segment, why the decision to launch the Cristallino handbag?

When I decided to make the Carry-on, I didn’t envision a luggage brand per se. What started out as a design project for a single product soon became a complete range of complementary bags. With the Cristallino, which takes its name from the Lucite prism clasp that conceals our logo, I was able to introduce accessories that were more fashion, less travel, but still with the one-of-a kind features that have come to define us.


Buying this handbag in a store, what should a woman or a man getting a gift for his wife or mother ask the salesperson?

Our limited-edition collectibles are all handmade by craftsmen who uphold the highest Made in Italy standards. The nature of our production process means that each piece can be customised in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. In addition to standard personalisation such as monogramming or custom colours, the iconic prism clasp can be interchanged with a crystal or a precious stone. Buyers can contact our Bespoke service for details.


Aviteur's bespoke service, what personal choices are offered? Can shoppers from the Gulf discuss and request specific options?

Every Aviteur product can be personalised in accordance with customer requests. Whether it’s a monogram, emblem, logo, or customised colour options, our Bespoke Service is there to assist.

Your design exudes sophistication, in your opinion is this what attracts customers?

The hallmarks of our collection are the woven leather in the classic Paglia di Vienna pattern, and customisable components, which can be found in our signature pieces such as the Carry-on and the Cristallino as well as the Weekenders, Backpacks, and other accessories. Each Aviteur product is designed to be treasured for a lifetime and handed down to the next generation. This was the predilection I grew up with and, in today’s sustainability-conscious world, I think it’s an important quality to bear in mind for any luxury purchase.

Aviteur Luggage is available online at Aviteur.com, Harrods London, and other fine stores.

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