Tue, Jan 8, 2019

Mahonia launches 'Four-Hands Dinners' with top chefs

Mahonia, Bahrain’s first fine dining degustation restaurant, has partnered with award-winning chefs and culinary influencers from around the world to offer unique dining experiences for Bahrain’s gastronomes.

Under Mahonia's “Four-Hands Dinners” programme, chefs from the world’s top 50 restaurants partner with Mahonia’s own award-winning executive chef Herve Pronzato to give diners yet another extraordinary fine dining experience at Mahonia.

Mahonia collaborates with a number of chefs from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (www.theworlds50best.com) and the inaugural dinners will take place in early February.

These collaborations transcend cultural boundaries and provide chefs with invaluable opportunities to experiment with food and culinary techniques from other countries, present signature dishes or create new ones with the hosting chef; and showcase Bahrain’s diverse cuisines and ingredients.

Every collaboration is a unique culinary event and the diners will discover unusual food combinations and dishes from across the globe, in the sublime setting of Mahonia.

The first “Four-Hands Dinners”, a 10-course culinary exploration with exclusive beverage pairings by Mahonia’s expert Sommelier will take place for two nights only, on February 3 and 4. Chef Jorge Vallejo, the owner and executive chef of the world’s number 11 restaurant Quintoill, Mexico (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018), will be the visiting chef partnering with Mahonia’s executive chef Herve Pronzato.

Mahonia’s owner Sawsan Baluch explains: “Mahonia is proud to be the first restaurant in Bahrain to present chefs from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants to the kingdom. As a restaurateur, the “Four-Hands Dinner” concept is a wonderful way to offer something novel and exciting for our regulars, as well as introduce Mahonia to new dining audiences.

"When local food connoisseurs want to experience world-class haute cuisine, there’s no need to travel to Europe or anywhere else, they can experience it right here in Bahrain as we bring the best global cuisine and chefs to Mahonia. We select chefs who share the same cooking philosophy with us, which is to surprise and broaden the culinary horizons of our guests by combining the best and purest ingredients with the finest global gastronomic techniques,” she says.

At the forefront of the global culinary trends, the “Four-Hands Dinner” concept brings together culinary artists where the hosting executive chef collaborates with a visiting chef to create a one-time special dinner menu. Both chefs work with new ingredients, mutually creating an extraordinary crossover menu to the delight of gastronomes.

The second “Four-Hands Dinner” will take place at the end of February when Chef Mauro Colagreco from Mirazur, France, ranked number three in the world, will be the visiting chef.

Daringly different, Mahonia, nestled in the heart of Bahrain’s fashionable dining district of Adliya, has won the hearts and palates of fine gourmet lovers since its opening in April last year, and has firmly established itself among the kingdom’s favourite fine dining destinations.

More information is available at www.mahoniabh.com or call +973 1700 0071.

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