Wed, Oct 18, 2017

Luxury vault to open in Mayfair

An exclusive private vault in London will open its doors next month, offering providing 3,300 safety deposit boxes for wealthy customers.

The vault is situated next to The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair and was sourced by award-winning buying agency Black Brick for IBV International Vaults & IBV Gold.

It has been leased by Barclays Bank to IBV International Vaults, a global Swiss vault company, who will share the same premises with the bank. 

The 2,077-sq-ft vault is undergoing a renovation and will be completed to a luxurious standard, providing 3,300 safety deposit boxes for discerning clients. 

When it opens in November, will become London’s most prestigious private vaults for high net worth individuals to store their jewels, gold heirlooms and priceless belongings

IBV International Vaults Chairman Ashok Sewnarain comments: “Clients of IBV London can be expected to enjoy more than just the use of the Vault. Our vault clients globally, including those in Switzerland, Dubai and South Africa, have come to enjoy high end lifestyle benefits in addition to their vault lease. IBV London will be no exception as one of such offerings is that our clients can expect to be collected in a chauffeur-driven supercar to the high security vault, where they will arrive to an opulent entrance, complete with a 24-karat gold flecked pavement and greeted by a member from IBV. 

“Our clients can also expect to enjoy preferential rates for the purchase of gold coins and other numismatic coins from our vault facility. The look, the feel, the experience that IBV will bring to its London clients is sheer luxury.”

Camilla Dell, Managing Partner at Black Brick, comments: “As a buying agency which specialises in residential property, this was a very unusual deal for us, made possible by our excellent connections as the vault was only available off-market. Our client operates IBV vaults in across several locations including Switzerland and South Africa, but was keen to expand into London, where he could offer his VIP service to the world’s elite.

“The vault is set to become the most prestigious and luxurious in London and marks a growing trend for discerning individuals to store their precious jewels and personal items.”

In 2016, Barclays sold another of its vaults in a secret location to a Chinese Bank ICBC who planned to store £57 billion of gold bullion in the vault.

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