Mon, Oct 16, 2017

Luxury scarves make a statement

Vassilisa scarves are fast becoming famous among fashionistas in London and the brand, which operates out of capital’s trendy Knightsbridge neighborhood, is now looking to grow its popularity overseas including the Gulf region. Nadja Solovieva, the Creative Director of the brand, talks to Arabian Knight about the brand’s offering, its customer base and growth plans...

What’s in a name?
Vassilisa was named after a fairy tale princess in Russian folklore. Each scarf is made of the finest materials including cashmere, mink, silk, and modal. 

We have been designing exclusive editions of luxury printed accessories and clothes since 2007, and our scarves for men and women are known for their exotic style and sophistication.

As we grew in popularity we started to receive calls from prestigious stores such as Harvey Nichols in London and Le Bon Marche in Paris, and our clients now include A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars.   

What is your background as a designer? 
I trained at Central St Martins, the same school which gave rise to names such as Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Christopher Kane. 

What is the design philosophy behind your scarves?
Our scarves are a design-led original accessory, manufactured by the finest mills in Italy and they are designed to be noticed and make a fashion statement. Our clients frequently say the scarves make them come alive.

Being located in London’s Knightsbridge, many of your clients are luxury buyers - what do they look for in your collection?
Our customers often can afford anything so price is no object. They love shopping with us because they prefer something that’s exclusive and special. We are popular among British, European and Middle East customers.

Is there a certain style a businessman should wear?
Lifestyles have changed so much in the last decade but men still tend to choose subtle colors, such as black, grey or navy. Some, however, choose prints to stand out in a crowd. 

We are now working with internationally renowned personal stylist Thibault Briere – who handles our private customer appointments, meeting clients at their offices, hotels, or residences - to create bespoke scarves.

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