Mon, Sep 18, 2017

Big Apple’s Arab achievers feted

American luxury car brand Cadillac is throwing the spotlight on entrepreneurial Arabs living in New York and the passions that drive them. 

To kick off the campaign, Cadillac has released a video that is set in the heart of one of the world’s cultural centres and home city of the brand. 

The first in a series of inspirational content connected to the brand’s mission to ‘Dare Greatly,’ the video celebrates the contribution that Arabs make to New York. 

At a time when the position of Arabs in the US is frequently a topic of discussion, the first video provides a brief insight into the lives of Arabs who are blazing a trail in their respective fields. 

Nadim Ghrayeb, Regional Marketing Manager, Cadillac Middle East, said that the creative video is just the beginning of the ‘Arabs of New York’ campaign: “Cadillac is truly passionate about innovations that drive us forward, so we have connected with personalities that originate from the Middle East, who use their talents to do the same.” 

“As a brand, New York is at our core and we want to showcase our home and our brand to the Arab world. We decided to do this by celebrating talented Arab individuals who have succeeded, despite social obstacles, in becoming ambassadors of the Arab world. They have reached great heights in their careers and demonstrate what it truly means to ‘Dare Greatly,” he added. 

The video features three entrepreneurial Arabs. 

The first, Mohamed Fairouz, is a New York-based award-winning Emirati composer who has created over 40 compositions which have been widely performed across the US. 

Fairouz was honoured with a national citation for outstanding achievement in artistry and scholarship by the UAE embassy in Washington, DC in 2008.

Michel Abboud, a Lebanese-born architect and artist, heads up an international architecture firm based in New York. Abboud is renowned worldwide for his avant-garde portfolio with residential projects in locations ranging from New York to Lebanon to the UAE. 

The final professional to cameo in the video, Hala Abdul Malek, a Lebanese-born New Yorker, is a design critic, curator, branding consultant, and Middle East expert. She is a skilled design strategist and holds an MFA in design criticism from School of Visual Arts, New York.

Cadillac’s Dare Greatly campaign was launched at the Oscars in 2015 revitalise the General Motors luxury brand.

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