Sun, Jul 2, 2017

Furniture gets Italian touch

Bentley Home’s new furniture collection reflects an evolution of its formal style and designs.

Made in Italy, the harmonious play of contrasts and styles displayed by the range follows a fil rouge of excellence, suggesting luxurious, enveloping atmospheres.

Designed by architect Carlo Colombo, the collection focuses on the study of proportions and forms, outlining well-balanced concepts featuring classical volumes full of refined details.

The new maple and eucalyptus woods that add allure to the structures and surfaces are interpreted in variations with the fiddleback motif, at times in contrast with the leather covers. Fabrics take their cue from the world of haute couture, and include soft cottons, silk velvets and chenilles in pastel shades.

The collection includes the Stowe sofa, the Stamford sofa, the Stamford chaise lounge, the Sherwood table, Sherwood chairs, the Eastgate bed, the Eastgate cabinet and the Morpeth lamp.

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