Thu, Feb 2, 2017

Bulgari chocolates tempt Gulf’s gourmands

Bulgari’s first gourmet chocolate shop in the Middle East has opened its doors to fans of the Italian luxury brand in Dubai, UAE.

The Bvlgari Il Cioccolato is located at City Walk, the urban living destination, as part of Boutique Le Chocolat. 

Opened in association with Meeras, the shop offers artisanal haute couture chocolates, known as the ‘chocolate gem’ creations of the Roman jeweller.

Freshly handmade by master chocolatier at the Bulgari workshop, the miniatures are made with unique savoir-faire and finest ingredients combinations to melt into explosions of flavour, it says.

Spiced with the aromas of Italy, from Sicilian pistachio to Mediterranean saffron, the Bulgari’s chocolate gems are as vivid on the palate as its gemstones are on the wrist. The exclusive selection includes special ingredients combinations with coffee and mascarpone, fig and balsamic vinegar and lavender and salt.

Bulgari recalls the elegant spirit of the iconic Bvlgari Bvlgari collection for an exclusive chocolates selection.

Inspired by the circular inscriptions on ancient coins, its emblematic logo is replicated onto the special chocolates and denoted into special flavours. 

For commemorate the launch of the Dubai boutique, the brand has brought out a special miniature collection: Bvlgari Bvlgari dates and pistachio.

The boutique, located in the indoor courtyard of City Walk, is characterised by a contemporary, elegant, and architectural style. The elegance of the chocolate display is embellished by an impressive Murano chandelier and pure gold inserts on the mosaic wall. For aesthetic flavour, the space includes a chocolate tasting area with seating, where the exquisitely refined chocolates can be savoured.

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