Wed, Dec 28, 2016

3D printed clubs put players to the fore

Grismont’s latest golf clubs use cutting edge technology that helps put players in the driver’s seat.

The finely crafted PUR irons are made using 3D printing technology to create irons in a way that has never before been exploited, the Parisian manufacturer says.

“Our focus with PUR is to provide the highest level of playability within the most elegant design,” said Grismont’s founder Clément Pouget-Osmont. “To make it happen we developed a unique concept, a cavity-blade iron only achievable through 3D printing.”

The hidden cavity inside the club head improves the moment of inertia, making irons much more forgiving than any other blade-type iron, the firm says, adding that it also filled with shock-absorbing clay that improves both the feel and sound when striking the ball.

The matter inside the club head is distributed specifically for each individual player. The weight of the club head is adjusted down to the gram to make sure that the resulting club is perfectly balanced.

The 3D printed clubheads are hand polished, covered with high quality chrome and hand brushed to achieve their elegant satin finish. 

All the clubs are assembled by Grismont’s certified clubmaker in Paris.

Grismont pushes playability even further by offering a single-length iron option. Having the clubs at the same length lets golfers make the exact same swing with all their irons.  

“Single-length iron sets aren’t new by now, but what makes us better is our ability, thanks to 3D printing, to make these clubs suitable for anyone: professional players, beginners, women, left-handed players, etc” says Pouget-Osmont.

The PUR sets have been approved by the Royal & Ancient in Saint-Andrews to be used in official competition. 

The PUR sets, from PW to 4, are available for €5,900 ($6,180).

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