Fri, Nov 21, 2014

Curved speakers sound great!

Samsung has launched a slim, wireless curved surround system to complement its line of curved TVS.

The new Curved Airtrack soundbar can be added to Samsung’s Curved UHD TVs, which were launched earlier this year, to “complete the ultimate immersive experience”.

The Curved Airtrack has an elegant design reminiscent of a symphony concert hall, and offers an 8.1 sound system with powerful surround sounds on each end to deliver cinematic quality sound.

Also wireless, the Airtrack is easy to install and does not detract from the aesthetics of one’s home or TV. Thanks to its curve, the audio will travel to an optimal reach and offer richer sounds that deliver an overall realistic and lifelike sound experience, says Samsung.

The soundbar is 1.23 m wide and 42 mm high with a diameter of 17 cm.

Delivering a massive 320 W of power, the Curved Airtrack costs a little under $700.

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