Fri, Nov 4, 2016

Damiani opens Venice boutique

Damiani has opened a new boutique in Venice's Calle Vallaresso, a strategic location for international luxury shopping.

The new showroom showcases the Italain maison’s extraordinary fine jewellery creations, designed to accompany the most important moments in a woman’s life.

In this sophisticated environment, resulting from a careful selection of high-quality materials, the jewellery's modernity blends to perfection with the brand's all-Italian tradition. 

The interiors pivot on warm, neutral shades of grey, creating a cosy and refined atmosphere reminiscent of Venice's enchanting retro style.

The Damiani jewels are showcased in highly striking bronzed brass furnishings, for a perfect blend of classicism and contemporary rigour. The textured finishes provide a welcoming environment, while a play of mirrored walls creates a pleasant illusory effect, filling the boutique with a magical appeal.

Situated just a few steps away from the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco, the boutique is located in Calle Vallaresso, the small Venetian street known worldwide as the home to the legendary Harry's Bar, which over time has become a favourite destination for international luxury shoppers.  

Between breathtaking views and scenic atmospheres, this strategic location underscores the Maison's style, design and all-Italian craftsmanship.

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