Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Damiani opens boutique at Place Vendome

Damiani has opened a stylish new boutique at the famous Place Vendome in Paris, France.

Showcasing European elegance since the time of Napoleon III, the square is the favourite destination of cinema stars, princesses, artists and lovers of the finest jewelry, who now see Damiani as the only Italian brand in this prestigious location.

Located next to The Ritz hotel, the elegant Damiani boutique offers a stylish, cosy and welcoming atmosphere, revealing the brand’s jewellery masterpieces. 

The atmosphere of the Paris boutique invites guests to live the unique experience of contemporary Italian luxury. 

The spaces alternate display cases, private lounges and comfortable sales areas on two floors, connected by a staircase with a strong architectural imprint. The coatings and textile details in a neutral array of colours, ranging from taupe to brown, define the soft carpet flooring and scenic curtains. 

All this contributes to creating a sophisticated private setting to offer a top-rate, personalised sales service, sasy Damiani.

Guido Damiani, president of the Damiani Group, commented, “Place Vendome is a point of reference for fine jewellery. In this historic location, the Damiani boutique reveals all the quality and artistic excellence of Italian-made products, and the uniqueness of being one of the few international brands managed to this day by the founder’s direct descendants. 

“After successfully focusing investments and resources on international expansion, we considered it fundamental to consolidate Damiani’s image and positioning in Continental Europe. Hence the importance of opening a boutique in this square. When we found out that we would have to leave our historic premises, we immediately started looking for a new, even more prestigious site, and we succeeded in obtaining one of the most prominent positions on the whole square.”

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