Autumn 2023

Ode to Women

Redefining storytelling through its magnificent creations, D’Nour, a premium jewellery brand, has launched its creations in the UAE.

It is an ode to women and their timeless tales capturing heartfelt stories of empowerment enriched with moments of resilience, dreams, and triumph.

Founded by Junaid Nour, D’Nour is inspired by admiration for the women who illuminated his life. Through fine jewellery, Nour transforms his gratitude into art, crafting everlasting pieces that resonate with the spirit and essence of femininity.

All the collections have their own narrative and story behind it. D’Nour’s signature collection, Precia, is inspired by appreciation and thankfulness. The Precia rose, with its intricately crafted petals, spells out ‘Thank You’, elevating its significance beyond mere adornment. The Allusia collection cleverly conceals the word ‘Love’, representing underlying passion that lights up every dreamer’s path. The ‘Evolve’ charts the transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, and the ‘Nourish’ collection is inspired by nature’s embrace and accentuates the power of self-care and rejuvenation.

With options available in pure gold or adorned with diamonds, every piece – be it bracelets, pendants, rings, or earrings – stands out as a symbol of classic elegance and refined taste.  

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