Spring/Summer 2023

Bullet Jewellery

Akillis has unveiled an explosive jewellery phenomenon called Bang Bang. This captivating collection embraces the essence of rock ’n’ roll, exuding a shocking, irreverent, and audaciously chic vibe.

Adorning the wrist, the bracelets, and gracing the neck, the chokers, in this collection possess a magnetic allure, akin to a weapon –  a bullet – that simultaneously entices and deters.

The iconic 9mm bullet, synonymous with adrenaline junkies, is offered in a wide range of options. Originally crafted as a stylish and casual titanium piece suspended on a cord, the Bang Bang bracelets have evolved to include flexible bracelets and chokers made of pink gold or white gold. Additionally, they can be adorned with black or white diamonds for those seeking an extra touch of elegance.

The French brand’s Bang Bang collection also has rings, studs, pendants and cufflinks.

Designed to appeal to both men and women, this collection is tailored for modern-day adventurers who crave a heightened sense of romance and seek to inject new thrills into their lives.  

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