Winter 2023

For Your Eyes Only

The Danish premium eyewear brand Lindberg is known for designer eyewear based in the minimalist Danish tradition, intentionally crafted for longevity.

Lindberg’s team of engineers design, develop, and produce the renowned ultra-lightweight titanium glasses with innovative and award-winning technology that ensures the perfect fit, comfort, durability and which gives the possibility to personalise to your own liking.

Every frame is individually crafted to each customer and Lindberg does not have a warehouse storage of products. Instead, each frame is crafted through the most extensive modular system in the world, and assembled to your needs, complete with your name engraved in the temple arm. In total, the modular system has 105 billion combinations, making each product unique.

Each Lindberg eyewear frame is ultra-lightweight and constructed without any screws and rivets, from responsibly sourced durable and precious materials including titanium, gold and diamonds.

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