Spring/Summer 2022

Exclusive Safes

Normally, when the thought of a home safe enters the mind, the image we get is an imposing metal box used to store valuables hidden somewhere.  However, an Italian company has proved that even safes can be extraordinary, elegant and luxurious.

Since 1912, Conforti has been renowned for producing safes for high-end customers seeking safety and style from the Italian brand.  While each design offers custom options, the buyer is assured documents or other valued assets are well protected from theft, fire or force. 

In an exclusive interview with the Conforti team for Arabian Knight, Breck Graham throws more light on the making of these superior safes.


Your safe designs are for private residences, for the home. Do clients request simple or more complicated?

Our clients are mostly architects or designers for private residences and prestigious offices. Requests come also from professionals, lawyers, notaries and individuals, looking both for safety and uniqueness. Our safes are luxury products meant for customers who live in exclusive environments where every object has to show craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness.


Is each safe bespoke?

We do not have a special production line of exclusive safes. Each safe is a unique piece based on our client’s special requests.

The realisation of our exclusive products starts from the choice of the safe, the measurements and the security grade. The second step is the process of creating a one-of-a-kind model which fully satisfies the customer’s desires. This customisation includes the outside covering of the safe which may be in leather, briar and mother-of-pearl or in semi-precious stone, such as malachite or lapis lazuli.

The interior is also customised with LED-lit furniture together with drawers, shelves, watch winders compartments or whatever request to allow the best protection to our customer’s valuables. Lastly, the lock and the accessories such as the handle and the keyhole cover need to be chosen.


The Conforti manufacturing process goes back over 100 years based on design, luxury and safety, but is there a security standard for safes?

Of course, our exclusive safes are certified products, according to the EN 1143-1 European regulation and the different security grades.

The concept of beauty and refinement of our products is strongly connected to the safety and protection role that they represent.


How would you incorporate Middle Eastern motifs into a safe?

There can be different solutions like the special briar work, with decorations and wood inserts or the precious leather work. The design is generally proposed by the stylists and architects who are in contact with the end clients so they very well know their tastes and preferences.


Interiors, custom-made shelves and drawers are based on the need of customer. What type of materials are used, for example, for watches or precious stones?

We offer a wide range of inside covering materials although suede is very much required because it is soft and suitable for housing jewels and other precious objects. We supply the high range watch winders for the automatic watches. By reproducing the wrist movement, the watch winders keep in charge the watches and their sophisticated data. We usually place customised trays (couvettes) inside the drawers to accommodate rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, etc. However, we try to satisfy  even the most extravagant requests, being aware that we propose a unique and luxury product.  

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