Autumn 2021

Exceptional Quartet

Pursuing its quest to push the boundaries of fragrance creation, Amouage explores the sublime union between ‘generosity’ and ‘time’ in a quartet of four Exceptional Extraits.

Concentrated at the highest industry standards and aged between three to six months at the house’s manufacture in Oman, Honour 43 Woman (First Batch), Epic 56 Woman (First Batch), Reflection 45 Man (First Batch) and Interlude 53 Man (Third Batch) each reveal hidden facets and depths that unfurl across every dimension, making them richer, more potent, and gifted with extended longevity.

The Amouage Exceptional Extraits are a rarity conceived without limit or constraint, incompatible with any approach within the industry, says Renaud Salmon, Amouage’s Chief Experience Officer.

“The Amouage Exceptional Extraits came to life from our ambition to craft the very best perfumes we could offer. They started as an instinctive experiment because, although Amouage has created Extraits in the past, none of them had been aged to this extent at such concentrations, containing between 43 per cent and 56 per cent pure oils. Each Exceptional Extrait is released only when the perfumer and myself consider that it has reached a window of expression, telling us a story that is new and exciting enough to share with discerning perfume connoisseurs,” he says.

Available in limited quantities, the Amouage Exceptional Extraits come in luxurious lacquered 100 ml flacons adorned by the house’s signature ‘Gift of Kings’ seal.

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