Thu, Sep 23, 2021

Kane and Ashley launches retail platform

Renowned luxury holding company Kane & Ashley has announced the launch of ‘Le Éleur’, its exclusive online retail portal for discerning individuals who enjoy seeking out the finer things in life.

This foray into the world of e-commerce is a natural extension to the mission of Kane & Ashley and its sister companies, Mavroki, K&A, and Eval, of providing opulent pieces that set them apart from anything within the luxury-good market. 

Le Éleur offers a unified platform for their diverse collections to be accessible in a stylish, easy-to-navigate portal. These ranges from the unique, sought-after fragrances by French perfume house Mavroki to the lavish timepieces by sister brands K&A and Eval, which feature motifs that suit the tastes of both male and female wearers, to exquisite items made from genuine Italian leather to intricately crafted writing implements, among others. 

“Le Éleur aims to redefine the online retail experience. It is more than a portal to explore and purchase items. It is an avenue into a world of grace and elegance that offers you an opportunity to elevate your daily life through iconic pieces,” said Mustafa Alasali, the founder of Kane & Ashley.

Le Éleur encapsulates the concept of joie de vivre with products available from the ultra-extravagant to the mid-priced. This offers sophisticated individuals across the region the chance to make their mark with unparalleled designs. The portal will also feature limited editions as well as product launches, he said.

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