Thu, Feb 11, 2021

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Give her the moon with Omega

"I’d give you the moon”

It’s a promise made in countless songs and poems - and even the crazy in love know it’s lunacy.

If you’re already floating on a cloud, why not take an extra leap and give it a try?

It’s a beautiful gesture and your sweetheart will love you for it, says Omega, which promises to give a helping hand.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve already been to the lunar surface - so we know the way,” says the luxury watchmaker.

To help set the scene, Omega has provided a cluster of stars: also known as a Constellation - two in fact! Both in steel and 18K Sedna gold.

Also, as you’re on a mission to grab the moon, it seemed logical to include watches with ‘claws’, it says.

“If giving the whole of the moon is beyond your grasp, consider the Constellation, with its famous half-moons,” says Omega.

Be sure to check conditions on the lunar surface just prior to launch. “To light the way, we suggest the golden glow of luxury, in generous supply on Omega’s new Trésor in 18K Moonshine gold. Remember the love mission motto: high style, even in low gravity,” says Omega.

“Should it prove impossible to give your loved one the moon, the De Ville with its delicate mesh bracelet and 38 full-cut diamonds is the perfect plan B,” it adds.

“Remember, if you’d rather reach for the possible, we have beautiful timepieces your loved one will adore just as much – and they’re a lot easier to gift wrap. Either way, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day – and moonlit night,” concludes Omega.

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