Mon, Nov 21, 2022

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Boghossian brings latest creations at Jewellery Arabia

Visitors to this year’s Jewellery Arabia in Bahrain, which opens tomorrow (November 22), will have the chance to discover Maison Boghossian’s latest high jewellery creations.

From November 22-26, the esteemed Swiss maison will showcase a series of splendid pieces that blend rare and unique gemstones with bold and original designs.

The creations include:

* 'Merveilles' Halo Diamond Short Necklace: A radiant yellow gold necklace, part of the Merveilles Halo Line, echoing the radiant white arcs of sun and moon halos. Exhibiting a sequence of graduating gold elements with a sparkling elliptical hoop in the centre set with 63 diamonds using the 'Merveilles' Technique. 18 Karat yellow gold.

'Kissing' Diamond and Aquamarine Ring: One shield-shaped diamond of 2.41 cts set over a kite-shaped Aquamarine, using the innovative 'Kissing' technique. It is part of the Kissing 'Four Elements' Collection - Air. From East to West, we are united beneath a vast and endless sky. The air element reflects the constantly changing hues of the heavens, using gemstones of exceptional beauty - from ethereal, celestial blue to vivid cerulean. 18 karat white gold.

Diamond inlaid into Opal and Rock Crystal Earrings: Two lozenge-shaped diamonds inlaid into Brazilian opal and rock crystal. Each gem is set within a diamond crown and suspending from a subtle flame-shaped clasp, a nod to the 'i' of Boghossian, and signature cut of the maison.

The art of inlay revives an ancient craft, with contemporary creations that pay homage to the ornamental motifs of Mughal art. Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship; gemstones are painstakingly carved by skilled lapidarists to fit together seamlessly. 18 Karat white gold.

Hexagonal Shaped Diamond Ring: A hexagonal-shaped diamond within a surround of baguette-shaped diamonds set upside down, completely encapsulating the center diamond. 18 Karat white gold.

'Kissing' Multi Colour Diamond and Diamond Earrings: A pair of mismatch earrings exhibiting diamonds of contrasting colours. One deep purplish pink oval-shaped diamond, one orangy yellow oval-shaped diamond, one fancy blue- fray oval-shaped diamond as well as one fancy intense green radiant-cut diamond are each set over hexagonal-shaped diamonds, using the innovative 'Kissing' technique. These mismatch earrings are a perfect illustration of Boghossian's style, by finding harmony in contrasts. A jewel of purity and ultimate sophistication. It is part of the Kissing - Four Elements Collection - Fire and evokes the heat and intensity of flames: from sparks of ignition to glowing embers, via rich coloured gemstones. 18 Karat white gold.

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