Sun, Jun 14, 2015

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Bulgari unveils new Divas

Bulgari has unveiled four new creations in its Diva watch collection, which proudly proclaims its roots in the jewellery values of the house. 

A reference to the golden age of silver screen legends, Diva embodies the dolce vita era during which Bulgari and the world of movies were inseparable. Countless vintage photos have indeed immortalised the steady flow of film stars going in and out of the flagship boutique on the Via dei Condotti, in Rome, Italy. For decades and through to the present day, Bulgari has been closely linked to the most iconic celebrities.

Embodying a tribute paid by Bulgari to these timeless moments, the Diva watch collection presented in 2013 on this theme is interpreted through the many expressions of haute joaillerie. Drawing inspiration from modern-day divas, its captures the spirit of glamour, exalts the graceful charm and reflects the radiance of contemporary feminine icons. Each of the creations in the collection reflects the personality of the woman who, in conjunction with Bulgari, conveys a blend of glamour, charisma, sensuality and passion.

In much the same way as the pictorial arts, the Diva covers a prodigiously varied spectrum of expression. An abundance of gemstone and colour combinations compose jewellery scenes encompassing a broad range of colours. 

From shimmering turquoise, diamonds and tourmaline to the pristine beauty of white embodied in the diamond alone, as well as the restrained glow of gold enhanced by gently contrasting coloured pearls, all of these watch creations vividly represent the history of the house and the symbols that have punctuated its history through the decades. In just a few clever touches, the Diva watch provides a temporal measure of jewellery artistry by interpreting the infinitely subtle nuances of this spellbinding register.

Described as the epitome of charm and femininity, the Diva watch plays with the theme of modular geometrical motifs echoing the eponymous jewellery collection. The characteristics pleats of the fan that inspired the object embrace the three-dimensional shape of a delicate corolla.

This collection culminates in the full-set Diva watch, enhanced by a paved setting featuring alternating brilliant, baguette and round-cut diamonds. 

The 302 baguette-cut, 16 round-cut and 394 brilliant-cut diamonds (totalling 22.62 carats) form a “splendid composition in which the sumptuous and elegantly stylised petals unfurl across the details of the generously sized watches”. 

Its small fans are transformed into dainty oriental-inspired “bouquets”, while the simple or double cone-shaped motif adorns the bracelet. The slender grace of the latter creates a light and sophisticated effect that accentuates the softness of the snow-set dial. 

A true masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship, Diva and its diamonds perpetuate the spirit that has united Bulgari with contemporary icons for the past six decades, the house says.

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