Thu, Nov 4, 2021

Brett Johnson Collection for refined style

Brett Johnson Collection, a menswear line designed for the new connoisseur, will open its first store in the Dubai Mall on Fashion Avenue for Gulf Cooperation Council clients soon.

Arabian Knight’s Breck Graham met Brett Johnson, the Founder and Creative Director of the Brett Johnson Collection, during Milan Fashion Week Men at his eponymous label's presentation.

The collection was based on luxury materials for the gentlemen who command a certain lifestyle. Silk and cashmere blend knitwear with jackets made of supple suedes are part of the code to look well dressed in the modern casual style.

Johnson was born in a media family. His father, billionaire BET Television founder Robert Johnson, played a crucial role in putting Whitney Huston, Janet Jackson and Rap Music into America's homes. But Brett decided on a different course from becoming a next-generation media mogul. Instead, he founded a high-end menswear label in Milan. Refining the sense of men's style with his vision of clothing and accessories.

An excerpt from the interview:

Your father is a media mogul, instrumental in launching many musical careers, but you decided to venture into fashion, why?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine since I can remember. When thinking about my purpose in life and what medium can have the biggest social impact, I believe fashion is at the forefront; being that your appearance in which you show to the world has one of the most profound impacts on others.

Opening your first store in the Middle East/GCC, what should the well-heeled buyer expect at this location?

They will experience my ultimate world. I have taken many details from my first home which I just built and incorporated various details into the aesthetics of the store. I want people to have a thorough insight into my world and luxury experience.

The GCC is a luxury brand shopping capital, as a new entity, how do you position the Brett Jonson label?

Our position has been clear -- chic, modern, luxury, for today’s sophisticated global traveling man. You have a lot of heritage brands that want to play in this world which isn’t their true identity and thus creating a false reality. Our aesthetic is a natural and organic style.

Bags and luggage pieces are designed as exclusive statement pieces, how does this fit into the brand’s overall plan?

It’s a category in which I feel we have the most room to grow. Our bag and luggage quality like the rest of the categories compete with top global houses so once we garner more awareness in this specific category, I feel as though it will become a large percentage of our turnover.

Explain the complete Brett Johnson look.

Chic, modern, luxury for today’s sophisticated global traveling man.

The luxury wardrobe today, what rules should men follow?

Follow your own rules, but always buy investment pieces that last.

Your Suede Hoodie, what would a buyer match with this casual wear staple? Can it be worn in a warm climate such as the Gulf Region?

This can be worn with our denim, sea island cotton trousers or tropical wool joggers; it’s an immensely versatile piece. I believe it can certainly be worn in the Gulf not only during the winter months but also during the summer, as many venues are colder inside.

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