Wed, Jan 13, 2021

Get ready for the Deep Blue experience

Fraser Yachts and the 24m/79ft vessel U Boat Navigator have launched the Deep Blue Experience, the ultimate dive experience, enabling guests to explore depths of 1,000m/3,000 feet and unlock the mysteries of the Big Blue.

Available as a standalone charter vessel or a support vessel to another charter yacht, U Boat Navigator is the best-equipped dive platform on the water. The exclusive experience she offers is ideal for avid scuba divers, or for guests passionate about world history, shipwrecks or geology.

However, she also offers the perfect opportunity for the discerning adventurer looking for a truly unique experience and the chance to travel to depths very few have been and very few have seen.

Her star features are two Triton submarines: one custom-built Triton 3300/3 with a working depth of 1,000m/3,000 ft, and one custom-built Triton 3300/1, a smaller submarine designed for conducting tandem dives with the larger one for safety.

For scuba divers, U Boat Navigator offers professional scuba gear for all 6 guests that can be accommodated on board, a decompression chamber, a dive centre with gas mixing facilities, and a wet diving bell.

U Boat Navigator is also equipped with a 5.7m/18’07” RIB with 115HP outboard and a Sea-Doo Spark jet-ski. On board, guests can enjoy an elegant al fresco dining area with BBQ and grill, a lounge area with a bar, and a large bridge-deck salon while being accommodated in one double and two twin cabins. There is also accommodation for six crew.

U Boat Navigator is available for charter in the Mediterranean all year round and can be booked by the month, week or the day, the statement said. The vessel offers comfortable accommodation for six guests.

Unlocking the mysteries of the deep, previously reserved for a handful of experienced and privileged divers, is now possible all year round, whether you have underwater experience or are a complete novice.

"An ultra-experienced and highly qualified crew of six awaits you on board U Boat Navigator. With their combined skills, they will make sure your experience is unforgettable. Having carried out numerous exploration dive trips together, there is no other team that has the same expertise and enthusiasm to guide and enhance the full experience," said the statement.

Included in a week's charter is 30 hours of Deep Blue Experience 3-seater submersible use. The sub-pilot will take care of everything, allowing the guests to appreciate the wonders of the underwater world from the safety and comfort of the submersible.

A complete set of scuba-diving equipment is also included for six guests.

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