Spring/Summer 2024

New Yachting Haven

Nestled along Saudi Arabia’s stunning Red Sea coast, a revolutionary marina club is set to redefine luxury yachting experiences.

The Amaala Triple Bay Marina Yacht Club, a masterpiece by HKS designers, promises a blend of exceptional architectural design and contemporary yachting lifestyle, making it an anticipated global hub for luxury yachting.

The developer envisions Amaala as an international beacon for the yachting elite, necessitating a design that marries world-class aesthetics with the natural beauty and rich heritage of the region.

“We anticipate that Amaala will become an international hub for luxury yachting, and as such, the yacht club required a world-class design, influenced by the surrounding natural elements and Arab heritage, and underpinned by our commitment to sustainability,” explains the developer.

Set to become the jewel of the Triple Bay Marina project, the yacht club’s striking architecture stands as a landmark within the expansive Amaala development on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coast. Triple Bay’s design spans three pristine bays, aiming to create an unparalleled wellness destination grounded in sustainable development principles.

Covering an impressive 7,900 sq m and spread across four luxurious levels, the club is crafted to provide a home-like sanctuary where members can conduct business, unwind, entertain, or immerse themselves in a rich calendar of yachting events. The completion of this ultra-luxurious club is slated for 2025, positioning it as the heart of the marina village community, a seamless fusion of luxury and vibrant urban life.

The HKS design team drew inspiration from the area’s unique geological formations and maritime heritage. The club’s cantilevered terraces mimic the natural shapes of the coastal cliffs, while the building itself embodies a nautical theme, ensuring it blends perfectly within the marina landscape.

A key aspect of the design is the nod to traditional Arabian architecture, featuring a smooth white exterior with luxurious metal accents and a rich interior palette of stone, timber, and leather sourced locally. This thoughtful design ensures the club is both a modern marvel and a tribute to the region’s cultural legacy.

Positioned centrally in the marina village, the club serves as a grand meeting point for guests arriving by land or sea. Its design includes a 360-degree structure, with all services managed discreetly at the basement level. Guests are welcomed into a luxurious journey starting from the ground floor, leading up to the lounges, bars, and restaurants through a Venetian-inspired grand stair.

The entrance itself is a spectacle, set within a shaded plaza that frames breathtaking views of the Red Sea. By night, a mirrored vaulted ceiling over a star-lit floor creates a captivating night sky experience for guests.

Inside, the club’s interior, designed by ROAM, is equally breathtaking, ensuring a visual and tactile connection to the surrounding landscapes. The use of local materials and a luxurious brass champagne colour scheme create a seamless flow through the club’s bars, lounges, and signature restaurant.

Dewan Architects + Engineers, renowned for its architectural innovation, leads the project as the main consultant, utilising advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to streamline the design process and enhance collaboration among all stakeholders. This cutting-edge approach has set a new standard in architectural design and construction management.

“To meet challenges, one must be innovative and contemporary,” says Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Design Manager at Dewan. “This has been exemplified during our work on the Amaala Yacht Club, which features a unique, curved, organic geometric shape. We utilised modern systems in architectural design and construction to accomplish all design stages efficiently.”

Currently, Phase One of the Amaala project is underway, introducing eight resorts with over 1,200 hotel rooms, paving the way for a broader development that will eventually include over 3,800 hotel rooms and 1,200 luxury residential units. The Amaala Triple Bay Marina Yacht Club is not just a destination; it is the epitome of luxury and innovation in the world of yachting. 

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