Autumn 2020

Future is ‘Zero’

Oceanco, known for delivering pioneering superyachts, has unveiled its vision for future – Oceanco NXT – to meet the demands of the future, with the ultimate goal of zero impact on the environment.

“At the dawn of a new decade, Oceanco is making a commitment to the future through a pioneering collaborative initiative, Oceanco NXT,” the superyacht builder says.

Oceanco NXT brings together a cohort of luminaries in the yachting, technology and design worlds to marry innovation and sustainability in an authentic and meaningful way that will transform how people spend time on superyachts.

“It has been a year to remember for all of us; new challenges and constraints that could not have been predicted just a few months ago. But alongside these challenges comes the potential to develop new strengths, new qualities to enhance our lives and the way we work. At Oceanco, we continue to remain positive about the future and look for opportunities; and now we are looking to lead the way. With a thought-provoking approach, we will challenge the status quo and find answers to emerging future demands – all of this based on our deep understanding and insight of emerging beliefs, values and lifestyle. I hope you will be able to join our journey in co-creating the next generation of superyachts,” says Dr Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman, Oceanco.


Although the exterior and interior styling of superyachts has progressed significantly over time, we still witness similar technical formats and standards that are deeply rooted in general proportions, form and gross tonnage. These standards have been so far developed and fine-tuned over time that they are hardly being challenged anymore, and the result is a stagnation in innovation, says Oceanco.

Oceanco NXT delves deeper and broader than simply reducing the burning of fossil fuels to propel and operate the yacht; it considers how yacht owners can experience life on the water in the future, in the most sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding ways possible.

“It takes a visionary yacht builder alongside non-conformist owners to forge new pathways in the industry. Oceanco has been challenging the status quo since its inception – setting the benchmark in terms of establishing trends,” it says.

In 2013, Oceanco completed the world’s first Passenger Yacht Code vessel, Equanimity; and in 2016, it delivered the 86m Aquijo, the world’s largest ketch. In 2017, Oceanco delivered the 110m Jubilee, the largest yacht built in the Netherlands; and recently it delivered the 106.7m Black Pearl, the world’s largest most ecological sailing yacht.

“Challenges and solutions from these superyachts gave rise to Oceanco’s ground-breaking LIFE design, debuted onboard the 109m Bravo Eugenia, which features extended length while using an optimised hybrid propulsion system to improve fuel efficiency by 30 per cent and minimise space allocated to technical equipment, through a single level engine room,” it says.


The physical representation of NXT has been conceived by world-renowned designer Giles Taylor, Global Vice President of Design at FAW Group, whose vision for co-creating the future of yachting has been sculpted in white onyx. This will be complemented by the expertise brought by TANK, an architecture and interior design studio that is celebrated for its contemporary approach to re-creating spaces. Technical Propulsion and Energy Architecture input for the Oceanco NXT ideology is provided by Lateral Naval Architects, a longstanding partner of Oceanco with a respected portfolio of projects to its name.

And a broad spectrum of industry expertise is being brought into NXT through Oceanco Co-Maker Unlimited, Oceanco’s collective collaboration strategy to optimise the way yachts are designed and built. Each of these stakeholders has a crucial role to play in upholding the Oceanco NXT promise to strive for meaningful innovation in how we create sustainable yachting that meet the needs of future owners.

“Oceanco NXT represents our commitment and fundamental belief that the best way to set new benchmarks is to co-create them with experts from a wide array of industries – not just yachting. In creating Oceanco NXT, we seek partners who share a common ambition to innovate and forge a sustainable pathway for tomorrow’s yachts. We are invested in an outcome where the future is zero. From Giles Taylor’s understanding of future owners’ lifestyle needs and Lateral’s technical innovations towards achieving zero emissions to TANK’s contemporary vision for the use of our living spaces and Oceanco’s collaboration vision with co-makers, we invite you to our unified goal: to create the most exciting superyachts we can, for future generations,” Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco.

“Through Oceanco NXT, tomorrow can start today,” he adds.

Meanwhile, the first new build to take advantage of Oceanco's recently acquired construction and refit facilities is a 109m/357ft yacht. Her first phase construction was successfully executed on schedule under stringent and enhanced safety restrictions in the facility. The new build has now made its way up the river to Oceanco’s facilities in Alblasserdam for her outfitting phase.

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