Winter 2020

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
KlasJet Comes to Kingdom

KlasJet, a European private and business charter carrier, will operate a newly refurbished Boeing 737-VIP LY-JMS aircraft from Saudi Arabia from the end of March.

Just like other KlasJet aircraft, the jet stands out with elegant design and will be used for group transportation, sports teams, show business crews, diplomatic envoys and corporate travellers, the company said.

KlasJet operates the largest Boeing 737-VIP fleet in Europe and is one of the most distinctive aviation companies worldwide that offers a one-of-a-kind fleet and high-quality service. Each aircraft is different, allowing customers to choose a jet according to their needs and offer the flexibility of having a flight available whenever the client needs it, wherever.

“Simply providing a private aircraft is not enough anymore, we believe that every detail counts. That’s why we like standing out from the crowd with our design and set our standards extremely high when it comes to service. We are very excited to introduce the newly refurbished Boeing 737-VIP LY-JMS aircraft to the Middle East market and we hope that the new aircraft will allow us to cater to new customers, who will love the unique service we can offer,” Igor Borzov, Vice President of KlasJet Sales for the Middle East, says.

In addition to its unique design and high-quality service, the company also has a major focus on comfort. Extra leg space, the best quality seats and a stress-free journey – all make a big difference when it comes to a good performance at work. Since most of KlasJet clients are sports teams, diplomatic envoys and corporate travellers, all aircraft have been refurbished recently, to provide the maximum comfort, it said.

“When flying for business purposes, extra time to prepare, strategise and do research is significantly important. Thanks to the privacy, comfortable seats, absence of layovers, and avoiding waiting in line altogether, flying a private aircraft not only saves passengers time, but also creates a perfect environment to get work done,” explained Borzov.

KlasJet is an exclusive private and business charter carrier that provides VIP flights and aircraft management solutions worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace service company in Central and Eastern Europe that serves over 2,000 clients worldwide and collectively holds more than 500 licences for its diverse activities. 

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