Spring/Summer 2024

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Bombardier, a renowned company in the realm of business aviation, has unveiled a fresh brand identity, solidifying its commitment to customers and stakeholders alike.

Embracing a philosophy that places people at the forefront and fosters a unique sense of kinship, the company reaffirms its position as a leader in the field.

Building upon a legacy of excellence, Bombardier has flourished in business aviation, leveraging its distinguished portfolio of business jets, a globally expanded service network, and a thriving Bombardier Defense division.

Throughout its storied journey, Bombardier has upheld its legacy of innovation while staying grounded in its entrepreneurial origins and familial ethos. The new brand identity celebrates the triumphs of Bombardier’s dedicated teams, who continuously set the bar high in delivering top-tier jets and unparalleled service to clients worldwide, the company says.

“Today is a historic moment for more than 18,000 incredibly talented and passionate Bombardier team members. Our iconic company is looking forward with confidence and an innovative spirit, two notions captured elegantly in our new logo and brand evolution,” said Éric Martel, President and CEO, Bombardier. “Our clients worldwide are leaders who shape the world and who expect us to deliver a truly memorable experience. When asking them what sets Bombardier apart, the notion of ‘like family’ comes back time and again as a true differentiator.” 

Martel added: “Finally, Bombardier would not be where it is today without the best people. They are true masters of their craft, bridging some of the world’s most complex technology with a highly personal and passionate approach to aircraft interior artistry, defence modifications, 24-7 services and much more. Our new company brand honours these highest standards our people themselves have set for our industry.” 


Inspired by innovation

“This evolved brand is a catalyst for Bombardier to differentiate itself as a global leader, not just amongst aerospace and defence peers, but proudly with the world’s leading inspirational brands,” said Ève Laurier, Vice President, Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, Bombardier. “Our brand has been crafted to coherently tie notions of our heritage and precision-driven engineering. The brand describes our future, in which we will express a heightened sophistication of our technology, how our employees master their craft and, above all, the customer experience.” 

The Bombardier Global 8000 aircraft is a key example of this. This “flagship of a new era” is set to enter service in the second half of 2025 as the ultimate all-in-one jet, delivering the fastest speed, longest range and the smoothest ride in the industry. In parallel, Bombardier has further taken the lead on the future of aircraft design with the EcoJet research project, a groundbreaking initiative that leverages the blended-wing-body aircraft configuration to reduce emissions by up to 50 per cent. 

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