Sun, Mar 24, 2019

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GJC celebrates successful 5 years

Global Jet Centre Partners (GJC), a leading private jet charter consultant, is now celebrating five years of successful journey.

GJC, started in 2013, has managed to find a healthy growth within a highly competitive market, the company said.

Customized high-end solutions, privacy and, of course, luxury in a fast-moving and highly demanding world, made the perfect business sense for Claudio Lietaert, Bashar Beasha and Naushad Ahmad as they took the bold decision to embark on their new business venture in 2013. Equipped with more than 45 years of combined extensive experience in the regional and international aviation industry, the three partners put their faith in the UAE to establish Global Jet Centre (GJC), focusing on chartering private jets, out of Dubai World Central.

“Being the fastest growing market in the region and the main hub for the aviation industry made the UAE the perfect place to start our company”, said the three GJC partners. “Our deep understanding of the regional culture and our dedication and passion for aviation are our valuable assets and drive that helped us build and grow our company and will continue to lead us to more success in the future”.

Throughout the past five years, GJC team focused on their strategy as they navigated through many encounters. Changes in the market financial situation impacted clients’ behaviour; longer intercontinental flights have been dropped or replaced, whereas domestic and regional flights on foreign continents have increased. New air charter applications have been introduced and clients have been requesting to charter larger aircraft types in the region compared to the world. The challenge was to always provide reliable long-range aircraft, offering luxury at a competitive operating cost, a statement said.

Amidst all the challenging directions that the business had to go through, GJC partners managed to find a healthy growth within a highly competitive market, a statement said. During the past five years, the number of flights chartered by the company has increased by 200 per cent, while it built a strong international network of partners and operators.

“GJC team carefully selects trusted partners, making sure they adhere to stringent and regularly audited international safety and quality standards. As a result, the number of sectors being flown by GJC clients has grown by 250 per cent,” it said.

“Since the launch of GJC in 2013, we have focused on becoming the brokerage consultants of choice. Our dedication and commitment paid off as we succeeded in growing our office by 150 per cent and our team by 300 per cent. We are steadily increasing both numbers of new clients and our revenue and we look forward to many more in the future,” the partners said.

“Whether it’s for business, leisure or medical evacuation, the art of chartering private jets lays in designing solutions ideal for business professionals, families and teams, without compromising on the luxury and comfort level. Providing customers with privacy and discretion are key. GJC’s premium VIP charter services are renowned for their 24/7 dedicated support team and attention to detail. From luxurious private jets interiors to unparalleled onboard services, our lavish offerings are second to none,” they added.

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