Tue, Jan 13, 2015

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Perrelet website gets a makeover

Perrelet has revamped its website with a sense of depth and design that reflect a new advertising campaign and the brand’s new graphic universe. 

The project is based on three key words: usability, a powerful visual and the principle of openness. 

The website’s excellent usability, in conjunction with extreme user-friendliness, have been achieved on both graphic design and technical levels. 

For a start, the site follows new “surfing” trends, not only with a selection of menus but also through the use of scrolling. 

All product information, including technical details, is now available at a glance and at a click. 

In the interests of delivering the best possible experience, the website has a responsive design enabling smooth navigation, whether on large computer screens, mobiles or tablets.

In addition to the seven languages available, an optimised interface ensures fast downloading no matter what the country of origin of the visitor. 

Each and every product benefits from its own graphic environment enhanced by a multitude of visuals, as well as an increased number of photographs and colors in sync with the new advertising campaign.

The aesthetic emphasis has also been placed on the manufacture’s in-house movements and on the brand’s grand watchmaking tradition. 

The movement and dynamics notably characterising Perrelet’s Turbine models are apparent throughout the website where one can admire the turbines in action thanks to the animation on the home page and a large number of videos. The accentuated interactivity and the aspect of openness offer net surfers an open invitation to embark on a fascinating adventure in the very heart of the brand and to share it on social networks. 

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