Sun, Jan 11, 2015

McLaren delivers 1,648 vehicles

McLaren Automotive ended 2014 with record sales as it has done every year since the British company began production of luxury supercars in 2010. 

A total of 1,648 vehicles were delivered to customers around the world, an increase of 21 per cent over 2013 which was the company’s first year of profitability. 

In addition another 14 new retail locations were added bringing McLaren’s total global sales network to 68 sites.

Following the launch of the 650S in Coupé and Spider form at the Geneva Motor Show, strong demand for McLaren’s core model range saw sales reach 1,400 units including some of the outgoing 12C. In addition, 248 of the 916PS petrol-electric McLaren P1 cars were delivered to customers – around two-thirds of the car’s total 375-unit production run.

McLaren’s network of retailers grew to cover 30 markets with the additions of Chile, Scotland and Thailand. 

Growth was recorded across all four of McLaren’s regional business units. The Asia-Pacific region saw the biggest rise with sales increasing by 80 per cent over 2013 with 11 new retail locations across the region helping to fuel this growth. The North American market remained McLaren’s largest market accounting for more than 30 per cent of overall sales, while sales in both Europe and the Middle East grew year-on-year by 10 and 9 per cent respectively.

2015 will see the launch of the McLaren’s most attainable model yet, the new Sports Series which will debut at the New York International Auto Show in April. The high performance sports cars are designed to be a no compromise drive on both road and track.

McLaren has pioneered the use of carbon fibre in vehicle production over the past 30 years, and since introducing a carbon chassis into racing and road cars with the 1981 McLaren MP4/1 and 1993 McLaren F1 respectively, McLaren has not built a car without a carbon fibre chassis.

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