Spring/Summer 2018

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G500 to Wow Geneva

Gulfstream’s all-new G500 will arrive in Geneva for EBACE as it wraps up a world tour that began in January to give customers a first-hand experience of the aircraft’s tremendous capabilities and interior excellence

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp will showcase the latest in aircraft safety, performance, technology and cabin design at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, being held from May 29 to 31.

The all-new Gulfstream G500 will arrive in Geneva as it wraps up a world tour that began in January to give customers a first-hand experience of the aircraft’s tremendous capabilities and interior excellence.

The G500’s performance includes an increase over its originally announced range – the aircraft can fly 5,200 nautical miles/9,630 km at its long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85; at its high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90, the G500 has 4,400 nm/8,149 km of range.

The G500’s Symmetry Flight Deck features the industry’s first active-control sidesticks and the most extensive use of touchscreens in business aviation, all leading to significant safety and performance enhancements. Inside the cabin, the aircraft features Gulfstream’s innovative interior design, developed through close consultation with Gulfstream customers.

Meanwhile, Gulfstream’s all-new G500 demonstrated both its maturity and reliability by establishing eight new city-pair speed records across continents. The G500 completed the flights as part of a customer-focused world tour.

“We have the confidence to take the fully outfitted G500 test aircraft directly to customers around the world and prove its unparalleled reliability, speed and comfort again and again,” said Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream. “These city-pair records are additional indicators of the unmatched speed and performance of Gulfstream aircraft.”

The flagship Gulfstream G650ER and the industry-leading G550 will also come to Geneva for EBACE.

The G650ER is the highest performing business jet in the industry thanks to its long-range capabilities at high speed. The aircraft also features a four-living-area interior with a private stateroom, flexible conference and dining space and entertainment suite. The G650ER’s spaciousness is accentuated by 16 Gulfstream panoramic windows that allow ample natural light into the interior.

Gulfstream recently delivered the 300th aircraft in its flagship G650 family, achieving the milestone just over five years after the aircraft entered service in December 2012.

“The continued popularity and demand for the G650 affirm its position as the leader in the ultra-long-range segment,” said Burns. “The aircraft amassed an impressive backlog of orders when we announced it in 2008, and that backlog is still strong today. The introduction of the G650 was a turning point – not just for Gulfstream, but for the industry as a whole. We set out to change the game and ultimately, we did just that.”

The G650 is the fastest large-cabin, non-supersonic aircraft to circumnavigate the globe, having flown westbound around the world in a record-setting 41 hours and 7 minutes, claiming 22 city-pair speed records along the way.

In late 2017, the G650ER proved its performance capabilities with a worldwide record streak, setting five records in six days, including New York to Paris and Tokyo to New York. Together, the aircraft have set 70 city-pair records.

The G650 can fly up to 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 km when flying at Mach 0.85. The extended-range variant, the G650ER, can fly up to 7,500 nm/13,890 km at the same long-range cruise. Both aircraft are capable of a near-supersonic maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925.

Rounding out Gulfstream’s EBACE static display will be the super mid-size G280. With best-in-class fuel efficiency, excellent climbing speed and ability to fly steep approaches, the G280 marries large-cabin performance with mid-size agility.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports the world’s most technologically advanced business-jet aircraft.

Gulfstream has produced more than 2,800 aircraft for customers around the world since 1958. To meet the diverse transportation needs of the future, the company offers a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, comprising the Gulfstream G280, the G550, G500, G600, G650 and the G650ER.

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