Spring/Summer 2018

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
‘Jetman’ Rossy joins EBACE

Yves Rossy, inventor of a series of experimental individual jet packs, will inspire attendees and set the tone for an innovative, forward-thinking show at the Opening Session of the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2018) on May 29.

“Rossy’s presence and presentation will give us all some sense of the thrill of flying by jet pack,” said a spokesman.

“His experiences as ‘Jetman’ are certain to inspire us all, no matter our role in business aviation.”

Rossy’s current jet pack has a top speed of more than 150 knots, uses a carbon-fibre wing with four miniature jet engines and his own body as control surfaces, and took almost 20 years to develop. Aside from the technical challenges of achieving jet pack flight safely, Rossy has faced a number of regulatory challenges, with registration and operational requirements for his craft varying from one country to another.

Rossy, a Swiss military-trained pilot with both fighter jet and passenger airliner experience, has flown his jet packs over the Alps mountain range and the Grand Canyon, and has attempted to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. In 2015, Rossy, and fellow ‘Jetman’ Vince Reffet, flew in formation with an Airbus A380 over Dubai.

“The development of a jet pack that allows a person to remain in flight required years of dedication and passion,” said the spokesman. “Rossy embodies the outer reaches of (personal) aviation, and as such, is a reminder to all those involved in business aviation that we represent the pinnacle of aviation today – and tomorrow.”

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