Sun, Nov 19, 2017

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
Sky Prime flies high

Sky Prime Private Aviation, a leading private aviation player in the region, has reported a 40 per cent growth in charter flights this year compared to 2016, as well as 25 per cent growth in flying hours and 20 per cent growth in Sky Prime elite clientele.

Raising the bar in private and business aviation, Sky Prime invested in over six new luxurious and in demand models of aircraft for 2017, including a diversity of models and sizes from Airbus, Gulfstream and Embraer.

Ongoing investment, upgrading and expanding of fleets, along with specialised private aviation services are part of Sky Primes mission to exceed customers’ expectations, and meet the growing regional and worldwide demand for private aviation, said a company statement.

Demonstrating its ability to cater to private aviation needs within the Saudi market, which now accounts for 80 per cent of the private aviation market in the Middle East, Sky Prime has carefully selected advanced fleets and tailored services that have led to Sky Prime gaining 70 per cent of the Saudi market share in private and business aviation, it said.

In terms of In-house ground handling services, Sky Prime reports a 6 per cent growth in sales, as well as the development and upgrading of ground handling services, the provision of advanced equipment and the development of ground-based service providers for all international carriers operating in the private aviation sector.

A main driver in the aviation industry, Sky Prime’s core business model focuses on consistently reviewing and harnessing every capability to build luxury fleets that are tailored to the customers’ diverse range of travel needs; providing customers, government entities, private companies and VIPs with the top aviation services anywhere and at any point in time around the globe. Sky Prime strives to consistently offer the best in safety standards, access to dedicated teams of aviation professionals as well aircrafts with the best interior design, advanced technology and entertainment, it said.

A spokesman for Sky Prime Aviation Services said: "We are extremely proud of what we have achieved during the year 2017 and would like to thank our strategic partners as well as our customers for their loyalty and confidence in our services. At Sky Prime we work effortlessly to meet growing expectations and aspirations for a diverse range of customers, whilst also understanding the need for privacy within the private aviation sector. Believing in reasonable, fixed prices to reassure and build credibility and long-term relationships with our customers.”

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